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Despite its name, The Open University is not open for users of operating systems other than Microsoft Windows. Most of the software they provide does not run on other systems out of the box, although there are usually ways to make it work.

Open Open University intends to aid users of alternative operating systems in getting the software required by the university to work. I was able to make all software required by my BSc (Hons) in Computing run on Linux, with the exception of MathCAD which is used in MST121. The wiki used to be hosted at but I decided to move it to Wikia to make sure that it will be accessible in the future.

This site is a voluntary effort not affiliated with The Open University.

Helping outEdit

Everybody can edit this wiki. Feel free to do so if you have something to add or find a mistake (even dubious grammar or spelling).

The wiki is organised into three major categories:

  • General - Stuff like Java or Virtualization.
  • Courses - A list of Open University courses covered by this wiki. If you're doing a course that isn't already on the list, feel free to add a new page for it and list all the required applications, even if they are not yet covered by the wiki.
  • Applications - Pages in this category should usually be created by clicking on an application that is not yet covered from a Courses page. Feel free to contact me if you cannot make an application work.

Please add one of these categories to every new article you create.

Let's open the OU for everyone!

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